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It is an initiative to create a platform where we can assist and help you reach for your dreams and achieve your goals by creating a safe place where we can share information, knowledge, and free downloadables with you.

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  • Free Exclusive Member Only downloadables and printables throughout the year to optimize and customer your planner or notebook even more.


  • Private Membership Account (launching soon.)
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  • Many others. Read more about future initiatives below.

    Stay tuned!

All Membership accounts are private.


We are not interested in cookies or sharing info with 3rd parties. Neither are we interested in selling data or engaging any such ill practices.


Our aim is to create a safe, secure, and private platform where members from around the world can come to share their knowledge, ideas, and help one another.

We have security software in place, and make every effort to keep our platform safe and secure as possible.

As business owners and freelanceneurs with over 13-years experience in the service and luxury industry (where we've been exposed to exponential growth in a short time and learned multi-disciplinary skills in branding, brand development, website design, writing, advertising, marketing, editing -and the list goes on and on), we'll be sharing our knowledge in building a business, brand, personal development, skill development, finding one-self, helping kids and teens (Kids & Teen Club), and offering free downloads to all PAS Exclusive Members throughout the year. 


We desire to do this since we want to leave behind a world better than we found it.


As a world population, the time is now to take matters into our hands and ensure planet Earth is not destroyed.


By sharing knowledge and helping one another, we can create a future we can all be proud of.

Our future perspective is then to also create several other initiatives to help one another.


One such is creating an Academy with powerful skill development courses where practical skills can be learned.

This is important since so many have theoretical knowledge, which doesn't always result in developing a life of purpose, meaning and financial freedom.

The PAS Academy will offer courses at discounted rates to Exclusive Members, while you as a member can then also create courses and sell your  courses to other PAS Members.

This ensures we transfer valuable knowledge to one-another.


We also have other ideas on ways to assist all our members and helping our members thrive and not just survive, through building features  and opportunities, such as:

  •  An online Planner & Notebook App;
  • a Crowdfunding platform;
  • a Marketplace where members can sell their products.


    These are ideas we have and in the pipeline for future release.

    But it will all depend on the needs of our Exclusive Members.

    If you feel that you need these features, we'll work hard to make it happen.

    Exciting times!


As an Exculsive Member, you can participate in our surveys to improve PAS Planners and Notebooks. This helps us build the products you really need with functionality that is of value to you and others.


You can also suggests initiatives that you would love to use.


Suggest product improvements or request new features for your PAS item.

Each of our initiatives and products are created with a purpose.


Our mission is to add purpose and meaning to life, and ensure everyone at PAS creates the life of their dreams, and become financially independent.


We desire to become a platform that the whole family can use, since we understand that prosperity is only created if every generation is honored and included into society. Therefore, another initiative will be to create a safe online zone and online clubs for kids and teens.


Our goal is helping you succeed, and connecting like-minded individuals who love life, take their future serious, and want to improve not only their businesses, but society and themselves in general.


Welcome to PAS!
The platform where we take life seriously, and believe in living a life of purpose and meaning!

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