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Frequently Asked Questions

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Navigate to the SIGNUP page and select the FREE account option.


A Free Member Account is a lifetime account that is completely free and have included some benefits and features for members.

Exclusive Member Accounts are available in 2-tiers at this time, namely Emtanah (Tier #5) and Dzivah (Tier #4). Exclusive Member Accounts have more benefits and features for members, including the use of toolsets such as the PAS Online Designer, Free Monthly Downloadables, and other benefits. Exclusive Member Accounts are yearly subscriptions.
Please consult this page for more information on Exclusive Member Account Benefits & Features.


Please contact us by submitting a contact form on the Contact Us page. Please note you have to be logged in.

If issue persist, kindly contact us via email at [email protected]


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Login / Password

Troubleshoot login by:

  • Clear all your browser cookies.
  • Ensure you are entering the correct password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it here.
  • Still having issues? Contact Us.


PAS Exclusive Members Club. Purpose Action Success Exclusive Member. PAS Exclusive Member. About PAS Exclusive Membership.


PAS Clubs

Exclusive Member Clubs are dedicated to exclusive member account holders, and are community groups with a group wall where you can chat, post content, meet, connect, share information, and meet new friends.

There are currently two clubs available, namely:

  • PAS Exclusive Members Club - All exclusive members.
  • PAS AEP Club (Authors, Editors & Publishers Club) - available to all exclusive members interested in writing, editing and publishing of content, whether a book, poetry, script, film, tv series, etc.


If you have an Exclusive Member Account (any tier), such an Emtanah or Dzivah account, you can join an PAS Club of your choice, such as the Exclusive Member Club or AEP Club for authors, editors and publishers.

Exclusive Clubs are NOT available to FREE Members.


Yes, all PAS Clubs are private and not public.

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We currently accept PayPal, as well as Debit and Credit Card payments made via PayPal.


It can often happen that a payment didn't go through. To troubleshoot, try:

  • Check if you have enough funds.
  • Clear your browser cookies.
  • Use a secure browser to make a payment.
  • Retry the payment.

If you are still having issue, submit a Support Ticket via the contact form below.


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