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2023 PLANNER | 7-in-1 Business & Personal Planner – A4 Size | All-in-One Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Planner | Andromedah Cover | V3

Supercharge Your Day, Every Day,
With A Multipurpose PAS Planner

Focused. Powerful. Distraction Free.
The 7-in-1 PAS Planner, available in A4 and a smaller, more compact 6×9″ size, is optimized to boost focus and productivity.
It’s distraction free design means you can focus on what is most important to you every day.

Customize your new planner with multiple options provided.
Don’t see what you need? Contact Us.




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3-Businesses [+$3.00]

4-Businesses [+$5.00]

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6-Businesses [+$9.00]

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8-Businesses [+$13.00]

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Productivity Excellence

It's 7-in-1!
Supercharge Your Day, Every Day,
With A Multipurpose PAS Planner

Focused. Powerful. Distraction Free.

The 7-in-1 PAS Planner, available in A4 size, is optimized to boost focus and productivity.
It’s distraction free design means you can focus on what is most important to you every day.

Don’t wait for “Someday In the Future.” The day is today!
Achieve your goals and dreams.  A PAS Planner can help you get there.
Checkout the features below . . .

Focused & Powerful

Top Features

Focused. Powerful. Distraction Free.
A 7-in-1 PAS Business & Personal Planner offers more than the usual A4 planner,
with it’s standout features, such as:

PAS Planner Biography Page


Bio Page

Personalize your planner with important biographical information and emergency contacts.

PAS Planner 3-Year Calendars



Calendar overview for 2022, 2023 and 2024. Quickly view and check the day, month, and dates.

PAS Planner Weekly Scheduler | Weekly Schedule Page | Weekly Planner | PAS Planner Notebook | Journal



Weekly Scheduler with 24-hour time slots to plan every day of the week.

PAS Planner Shortcodes Manager


Colors &

Use colors and shortcodes to quickly plan? Keep these in one place via your Shortcodes & Color Codes Manager.

PAS Vision Board Icon | Planner with Vision Board | Notebook Vision Board | Pocketbook Vision Board


Vision Board

Visualize your project, dreams, goals, the things that inspire you in life with a Vision Board, built into your planner.

PAS Management Icon


Planner Pages

Plan in advance via your Planner Monthly Pages. Outfitted with checkboxes, progress meter, and more!



Have more than one business? No problem. Upon checkout of your PAS Planner 2023, indicate how many businesses you want to keep track of in your PAS Planner and we’ll insert pages for each business.


A Life of
Purpose & Meaning

What is the most important to you?
Are there dreams and goals you just can’t seem to realize? A Purpose Planner can help you achieve goals, by keeping you focused on what is most important every day.

PAS Planner Year Planner | Year Planner


2023 Dated
Year Planner

View every day and month of 2023, in one glance, via your 2023 Year Planner pages.

Create an overview of the most important things this year. It’s quick and easy.

PAS Planner Personal Goals Planner | Business Goals Planner | Wealth Planner | Relationship Planner


Personal &
Business Goals

Features goal sections for wealth, health, fitness, relationships, long-term goals, and skills learning goals.

PAS Planner Other Goals, Short Term Goals, World Map & Travel Goals | Travel Planner | Goals Planner


Short-Term &
Your Custom Goals

Note down short-term and travel goals. Additional untitled goals boxes that you can tailor as per your needs.
BONUS! World map.



Boost focus, morale, and self-worth with positive affirmations.
Write your affirmations in your PAS Planner where you can see them daily.

PAS Planner Personal Wishlist



Note down items you would like to purchase this year or in the future. Your Personal Wishlist section is outfitted with check boxes.

PAS Optimized Icon



We care about the environment & sustainability. Therefore, each PAS Planner and Notebook is optimized to make the maximum use of each page.

PAS Planner Business | Business Planner | Work Planner | Project Planner | Business Goals Planner


My Business

Everything for your business in one place. Record business details, banking info, payment platforms & more!
PLUS: Custom sections that you can tailor to your needs.

PAS Finance Planner | Financial Planner | Wealth Planner | PAS Finances | Business Finances | Business Finance Planner


Finances & Goals

Take full control of Business Finances. Includes 10-Year Finance Goals, Monthly Income, Expenses, Tax & Profit Tracker. And More!

PAS Planner Brand Style Guide Template | How To Business Brand Style Guide | Business Branding | Business Brand Identity Development | Business Brand Design


Brand Style

Band messaging and appearance page. Record details about your business branding and style. Free Template Downloadable Kit available.

PAS Lined Notebook Download Insert Printable | PAS Lined Journal Download Insert Printable | PAS Lined Pocketbook Download Insert Printable | PAS Planner Download Insert Printable | PAS Download Insert Printable


Custom Pages
+ Free Inserts

Several blank and lined pages throughout your planner that you can tailor to your needs. PLUS! FREE Downloadable Inserts from the PAS Shop.

Personal Finances | Savings Planner | Finance Planner | Personal Finance Planner


Finances & Goals

Stay on top of your Personal Finances. Track income, expenses, and more!

PAS Planner Checklist | Planner with checklist | Checklist Planner | Check Mark



Open ended checklist that you can tailor to your needs.



Keep track of all your passwords. (Encrypted method for security).

2023 Planner | Customizable Planner | Tailor Planner | Build my own planner | Custom Planner | Personalized Planner | Custom Sections in Planner | 2023 Planner | PAS Planner


Weekly Content Sections

Your Weekly Manager Section is inserted before the start of every week, and contains three untitled, customizable content boxes that you can tailor as per your daily needs.

PAS Action Icon


Primary Goals

It’s much easier to achieve ultimate and lifetime goals by creating lists of smaller steps.
Via the Weekly Manager, you can list your Top 10 Primary Goals for the week.


Many More

And much more! To many to all mention here.

Enjoy the benefits of a planner optimized for focus, productivity, and success.

Top Features

Daily Pages (2-Days-A-Page Planners)

Daily Pages are optimized to be distraction free, and helps keep you focused on what matters most, without causing overwhelm.
A list of the Top Features available on daily pages are listed below:

V3 PAS Planner 2023 Daily Top 3 Goals Section


Top 3
Daily Goals

Keep distraction and procrastination at bay by listing the Top 3 Daily Goals or To-Do’s that you have to complete.

By focusing on three, instead of to many tasks per day, we are most likely to complete the 3 top tasks at hand.

Daily Planner | Purpose Action Success Planner | Planner Finances | Financial Planner | Business Finance Planner


Daily Finances
& Finances Goal

Stay up to date with your business finances every day, via your PAS Planner Daily Page with 24-hour time slots.

Space to record your finance goal for the day, income, expenses and variance.


Daily & Weekly Sections

Everyone is different. Your new PAS Planner honors such, and features several open-ended customizable sections without headings, which you can tailor to your needs. Example: Add a shopping list, project list, or take notes.
It’s all possible with a PAS Planner!

PAS Action Icon


Progress Section

An untitled, customizable section with Progress Meter that can be used for various to-do’s or tasks, such as for managing a Project.

Sports & Recreation Icon


Health & Fitness

Schedule health, fitness or medicine on your daily planner page.
PLUS: Easily keep track of how much water you drink daily.

PAS Productivity Calculator


Productivity Calculator

Know how you spend your time via a daily Productivity Tracker. Helpful to establish good time-management skills, or to improve upon productivity.

PAS Dotted Graph Paper | Dotted Graph


Dotted Graphs

Four pages with dotted graphs included.

PAS Lined Graph Paper | Lined Graph


Lined Graphs

Lined graphs spread over four pages.


Mind Maps

Plan & outline with several Mind Maps.


FREE Emtanah Member Account

With your purchase, receive your one-year FREE Exclusive Emtanah Member Account.

An account that provides you with access to you free downloadable inserts, various member only benefits, free exclusive member courses, and much more!

Worth $58.32 per year. Yours free for 1-year!

And Several More Superb Features & Functionality Sections!

PAS Notebook Biography Page | Small Notebook with Bio page | PAS Pocketbook Biography Page | PAS Planner Biography Page | Planner Biography Page


Bio Page

Personalize your planner with important biographical information and emergency contacts.

PAS Lined Notebook | PAS Lined Journal | PAS Lined Pocketbook


Lined Pages

A professionally designed small notebook featuring lined pages.

PAS Lined Notebook Download Insert Printable | PAS Lined Journal Download Insert Printable | PAS Lined Pocketbook Download Insert Printable | PAS Planner Download Insert Printable | PAS Download Insert Printable


Free Inserts

Customize with FREE Downloadable Inserts from the PAS Shop.



Also known as paperback.



A sturdier type of binding.


Plastic Coil

A plastic coil binded with a softcover.


Contact Us for special binding inquiries.

Binding Types

Softcover. Hardcover. Plastic Coil.

Most planners, notebooks, journals, and pocketbooks are available in three binding types. Select the binding that most suits your needs and lifestyle.

Distraction Free

Focused, Powerful & Inspiring


Cover Style Options

Bold. Bright. Epic!

Cover Style Options that are as Bold, Bright and Epic as the Constellations!
Available in 14-plus beautiful colors in color collections.

PAS 16+ Color Wheel | Bright Color | Bright Colors



Bold, bright and beautiful.



Visionary insight and reaching for the stars.


Add My Cover Design!

Design your cover as you want it.
We print and ship to you.



Inspired by the centaur.



Holding true to what is most important.



Forever true to self.



For the Faroah within you.



Color ME Covers with beautiful artwork by artist Indu Nagda. Color your cover to your heart’s delight.



For warrior men and women who work hard every day.

Optimized Performance

Boost Productivity!
Achieve Your Dreams & Goals
Don't Wait. Start Today.

Optimized Interior Pages & Design

Who needs all the front matter usually found in planners?
Moon charts, phases of the sun, conversion charts, holiday’s not related to you as a person? And many more pages bulk up conventional planner. Anyone can nowadays search for this type of information online.

PAS Planners are optimized with pages you’re more likely to need and use every day in your business and personal life.

Every page was carefully considered and crafted to ensure it is of value, and has meaning. Therefore, you’ll not find any bulky, unusable pages in a PAS Planner.

Types of PAS Planners

Choose A Planner Type
That Most Suits Your Needs

With Bold & Beautiful Covers To Inspire & Motivate

Choose a PAS Planner that most fits into your daily lifestyle:

PAS 16+ Color Wheel | Bright Color | Bright Colors

Color Pallettes

Vivid & Bright. Earthy & Green. Or Choose Your Colors!

Most PAS Covers are available in a selection of colors. Choose the color that suits you best. Have fun!

Creative, Inspiring & Purposeful

Distraction Free & Success Focused Planners

TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR Boldest Dreams & Goals

Feedback & Reviews


Anja F.
ETSY - Website Design
Read More
My experience working with Marie and the team has been great. They designed my website, setup my shop, and also gives you free hosting. The hosting account is professional, and I have free webmail with it, which is great and means I didn't have to invest extra money for an email suite. Overall, a great experience and a quality team to work with. Highly recommend Marie and her team for website design and hosting services.


PAS Premium Hosting Plan
Read More
Good. Never had any issues. I have the Premium hosting package. Unlike other hosts I've tried. The customer service is always excellent, and they helped me every time within a couple minutes. I like that the hosting has so much functions. there is a quick module in cPanel to install your Let's Encrypt SSL without having to go and find the code. You just click and in installs. I also like the litespeed drop-in for my attracta tools. The hosting is super fast. I'm able to build my WP website online without any issues.


ETSY - 2022 PAS Planner 6x9"
Read More
I tested out the 8.5x11 3-month notebook and loved it so much I bought the smaller 12-month notebook so that I knew it'd fit in any bag I was carrying. I still love it and the quality is great, but I've decided I like the full size so I can see all the days and goals of the week at the same time. I'll be ordering the larger size for 2023.
ETSY - 2021 PAS Planner A4
Read More
This planner is very large and it has everything AND more inside to help you organize. I'm an hourly and daily planner kind of person and it's so amazing! There's so much room for extra notes, and goals, plans etc. I could not be happier with it. I would say if you're looking for something small to fit in a small bag definitely look elsewhere. However, this is perfect for what I need (I own my own business) and I feel so much more organized now! I am also using the mini journal it came with to use for my night journaling. Before I go to bed I write down anything I may have forgotten during the day or need to remember. It's wonderful, and I highly recommend!
ETSY - 2021 PAS Planner A4
Read More
This is a lovely quality diary with lots and lots is space. Anyone who has a busy life and business with a hectic schedule will find this very helpful.
ETSY - 2021 PAS Planner + Notebook Set A4
Read More
The notebook is great, it has everything you need to plan your day (and your goals). It's pretty big but I don't mind because you also get this little notebook which you can put in your bag. I'm so so happy about it! And for those who want to order from Germany: of course I can't guarantee for it but I didn't have to pay customs duty (Zoll) if you're wondering about this. And besides that is Marie such a nice person! This is definitely not the last notebook I bought from her.
Anja F.
ETSY - Notebook & Journal 6x9" Softcover
Read More
Love it! Beautiful notebook, with lots of pages. I ordered the hot pink color one and love it. Inside there are lots of lined pages and I like the numbering system. The mandalas are a great addition. Good quality cover and pages is white on inside and looks quality. Thank you!
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 2 cm

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Cover Style


Plastic Coil

Book / Paper Size



Paper Finish


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