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PAS Hosting

Website Hosting Plans

Manage your hosting account via an easy to use control panel, outfitted with Let’s Encrypt SSL, webmail, and many more.


WP Starter
Website Hosting Plan

Ideal for small businesses, brands, solo-entrepreneurs, solo-freelancers, and those just starting out.

Take control of everything related to their hosting account with your WP Starter Website Hosting Plan.




Emtanah Exclusive
Member Account

Enjoy special discounts, access to Exclusive Member only courses, monthly downloadable, and many more with an PAS Exclusive Member Emtanah account on Tier Level 5.


Per Month ($58.32 per Year)


Dzivah Exclusive

Member Account

Website hosting, and access to Exclusive Member only courses, more monthly downloadables, and many more with an PAS Exclusive Member Dzivah account on Tier Level 4.


Per Month - $226.08

*PAS Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Applies to all PAS Member plans.

Features List PAS-Free-Member-Icon_WEB Free PAS-Emtanah-Member-Icon_WEB Emtanah PAS-Dzivah-Member-Icon_WEB Dzivah
Account Type Free Member Account Exclusive Member Account Exclusive Member Account
Account Name Free Emtanah Dzivah
Account Tier Level Tier #6 Tier #5 Tier #4
Subscription Type Lifetime Free 12-Month Subscription 12-Month Subscription
Account Fee FREE $58.32 Per Year (Every 12-Months) $226.08 Per Year (Every 12-Months)
Main Dashboard Access
Monthly Free Downloadable 0 1 5
PAS Academy Access
Free Courses A select few.
PAS Daily Inspiration & Mentor Program FREE Access
PAS Hosting & WordPress 101 Course FREE Access
Member Discount Up to 5% on selected PAS Items. Up to 7% on selected PAS Items. Up to 10% on selected PAS Items.
Free Content
Exclusive Content
PAS Designer Toolset
FREE PAS Website Hosting - Premium Account (1 Domain) 12-Months - Self-Managed (Value 98 p/year)
FREE PAS Managed WordPress Hosting 12-Months
(1 Domain) Managed
(Value $226.08 p/year)
PAS Clubs Access
PAS Clubs Wall Posting & Comment Access
Friend Tools
Private Messaging
Upload, Publish & Share Your Content
PAS Daily Word of Day
PAS Daily Inspiration
PAS Competitions
Coupon (Monthly Member Discount Coupon)
PAS Ambassador Affiliate Program Access
PAS Seller Access & Store Manager Dashboard
Per Year
Per Year
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Purpose Action Success

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